COlin Campbellurrent Duties?
Host of The Meeting Place and Swap Shop
When and where were you born?
1934, Greenwood, SC
Boy's High - Anderson, SC
Elon College

Hobbies as a child?
Built / operated a radio station in my garage at 12
Current hobbies?
Old radio programs and reading
First car?
'35 Hudson Terraplane
First paid job?
Soda jerk
Favorite food?
Pinto beans and cornbread with pork chops
Favorite movie?
Gone With the Wind
Favorite Book?
Odd habits?
Talking to my dog (Still waiting for answers)
Pets or favorite animal?
Toy Poodle "Peaches"
Famous people you've met?
Red Skelton, Barry Goldwater, Raymond Burr, Andy Griffith, Brenda Lee, and Eddie Arnold.
If you could be anyone for a day, it would be?
Rush Limbaugh
Funny radio story?
Harold Nall, an old radio man and band leader, put an index card in the control room saying, "Read every break during the Dodgers games." The card said, "SD on your fertilizer means square deal." SD was not a sponsor, and I was dumb enough to keep announcing it.


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