Kirt Bio Pic

What is your role at WBAG?
Play-by-play announcer, Eastern Alamance football.
When and where were you born?

1956, County Hospital - Burlington
Cummings HS 1974, Appalachian State 1979

Hobbies as a child?

Making my mom and dad earn their money as parents
Current hobbies?
Earning my money as a parent
First car?
1959 Chevy with an $89.95 Earl Scheib paint job
First paid job?
Stocking & shipping - King's Dress Shop, downtown Burlington
Favorite food?
Mexican & B-B-Q
Favorite movie?
Caddy Shack and any film with Clint Eastwood
Favorite book?
Does Sports Illustrated count?
Odd habits?
I will not walk onto the field before broadcasting a football game
Pet's or favorite animal?
My daughter's dog, Weber
Famous people you've met?
John Kirby
If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?
My daddy
Funny radio story?
Mooning Jim Conkin while he was on the air. "Happy New Year" written on the moon in Bob James' handwriting.


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