What is your role at WBAG?
Operations Manager / Talk Line host, 8:30-10am
When and where were you born?
1950 Lynchburg, VA
I have a degree in Radio, TV & Motion Pictures from UNC Chapel Hill, 1972.

Hobbies as a child?
Fishing & raising homing pigeons.
Current hobbies?
Trout fishing and antiques. I collect musical instruments.
First car?
1959 Ford Station Wagon with no reverse.
First paid job?
I went to work for WPNC in Plymouth, NC, in 1965 as an announcer.
Favorite food?
Favorite movie?
Sgt. York
Favorite book?
The seven Harry Potter books.
Odd habits?
I collect buffaloes.
Pet's or favorite animal?
I have two dogs, Cindy and Bear. I have two cats, Mando and Safera.
Famous people you've met?
Perry Como, Paul Harvey, Oliver North, Alice Cooper.
If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?
George Bush. I would tell anyone who said it is all my fault to shut up.
Funny radio story?
I went to work one morning in Columbus, Georgia. I was listening to another station. It signed on, played 125 spots and signed off. Sometimes, automation has a mind of its own.


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